April 21, 2007
SciImage is hoping to be the best image display and editing tool available.  Based on the source from the paint-mono project.  It has been redesigned to allow the use of almost any datatype, improved plugin control, and beter scriptability.  

This is the best tool possible if you need to just plug an image editor into your application.  Just insert the control into your form and you have a full function raster graphics editor that supports opening, saving, filters, contrast/brightness adjustments, all the common drawing tools.

In addition, we are working to make this tool especially useful for the science community by supporting common scientific image formats such as 16bit tiff.  Please take the time to check out the example programs.

The program does work, but is not quite stable yet for production.  A lot more tests are needed to get it fully operational.  Help is appreciated.
This shows the SciImage Plugin embeded in a .Net applications, and a Labview application.